Remodel your bathroom with luxury bathroom vanities

Revamping an old bathroom is easily done with few design tips

Renovating any room in the house can seem like a daunting task, but the opportunities for restyling, redecorating and revitalising old and tired looking spaces is well worth the effort in the long run. The bathroom is often one of those rooms that does not receive much attention.  Usually considered a functional space to be rushed into and out of in mornings and evenings, a bathroom can slowly fall into a rather drab and dated state that is overlooked. If you do decide to renovate a bathroom it can seem quite a task; not only are important functional facilities potentially being taken out of use but dealing with tiles and waterproofing can seem like a lot more heavy duty work than a bit of redecorating. But in reality this is far from the case; with some careful planning and a little clever design work, a bathroom can be brought back to life with very little in the way of disruptive or taxing work being involved.

One of the simpler ways of achieving this is by installing, or swapping, vanities for bathrooms. If you have an existing bathroom vanity or sink  which is past its best or is of a style that is no longer in favour, you can soon liven it up with a new top, for example a cultured marble vanity top adds an air of clean sophistication to the bathroom and is relatively easy to put onto an old fitting. Similarly, an old bathroom with open wall space or a view of too much tiled wall that is not in great condition can be turned into a subtle backdrop for bathroom vanities with tops; with vanities now being made in all kinds of materials, colours and styles, from traditional wooden with mirrors to modern glass and polished metal frames, simply match the style of vanity you want to the existing wall for a quick and easy eye-catching way of hiding the tiles and improving the bathroom