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Home Remodelling in Camden, London

There are many ways to remodel a home in Camden, including extension, renovations or a new kitchen

Whether your home is a small bedsit, a 2 bedroom apartment or a Victorian Terraced house, you want to put your mark on it and make it your own.  Sometimes, especially with rented property, it isn’t possible to alter any of the actual structure, but it is amazing what difference new curtains, a change of picture on the wall, or even a couple of cushions or candlesticks can make.  Camden has some excellent markets where it is possible to find just the thing you were looking for to put your stamp on your home.  There is also a range of interior design specialists, if you want someone else’s input.

If you own a flat, it may be possible to have structural alterations carried out, providing the requisite planning permission has been obtained from Camden Council.  There are probably some restrictions imposed because it is part of a shared building, so it’s important to check that out.  Remodelling activities that don’t require planning permission could include installing a new kitchen or bathroom, or possibly altering an internal doorway to form an arch.

If, on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to own a house in Camden, then there is far more scope for your imagination.  One of the most popular ways of creating more space is to convert the loft into extra rooms.  This probably needs planning permission, but there are companies who specialise in this field, who will manage the whole process for you, including applying for planning permission, organising the necessary tradespeople and even arranging for a skip, if necessary, to remove the rubbish. 

You may even be lucky enough to have the outside space to extend either sideways or backwards.  It is amazing what difference just 3 or 4 more feet can make to a room, let alone the benefit of adding a whole additional living room or kitchen.  If your house has a garage, you could consider converting that into living space, especially as most people use Camden’s excellent public transport system to get around, rather than a car.  New windows, especially double glazed ones, will not only improve the appearance, but help to keep the noise out and the heat in.

Given the demands for housing throughout London, almost any improvements you make will add value to your property, as well as making your home more comfortable for you to live in.